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Grey Structure Home

A Grey structure home is a type of construction that includes only the basic structure of the house. The reason it is Grey is because the finish level is cemented and as its color is Grey. This typically includes the foundation, walls, roof, Conduit piping and exterior Plaster finishes. The interior finishes, such as flooring, cabinets, and counter-tops, are left unfinished. A Grey structure home is often a more affordable option for those who want to build a home but are working with a limited budget.
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Luxury House – Category A++

On the other end of the spectrum is the luxury house, specifically Category A++. This type of home is designed to provide the state of an art, utmost in luxury and comfort, with no expense spared. These homes often include high-end finishes, such as Imported Branded Marble or granite countertops, custom cabinetry, and high-tech appliances. They may also feature extravagant amenities, such as a Pool, Gym, home theater, spa, Artificial Intelligence smart home, wine cellar.

Luxury House – Category A+

A luxury house in Category A+ is similar to Category A++ in terms of design and quality, but with slightly less extravagant finishes and amenities in terms of price range as it is the major factor to consider. These homes may still include high-end finishes, such as hardwood flooring and designer lighting, but may not have the same level of customization or unique features as a Category A++ home.

Deluxe House – Category A

A deluxe house in Category A is a step below a luxury home, but still offers a high level of comfort and quality. These homes typically include mid-range finishes, and standard cabinetry. They may also feature amenities such as a pool or outdoor living space, but not to the extent of a luxury home.

In conclusion, building homes is the right choice for you! They believe in home being a significant investment, and it's important to carefully consider the cost and level of luxury desired. Whether you opt for a more affordable grey structure home or a luxurious Category A++ home, a building home estimation calculator can help you estimate the cost and plan accordingly. Ultimately, the type of home you choose will depend on your budget, lifestyle, and personal preferences.
Grey structureSingle storyNormal (2100-2300)Premium(2400-2600)
Grey structureDouble storyNormal (1900-2100)Premium(2300-2500)
FinishingSingle storyNormal (3800-4000)Premium(4600-4800)
FinishingDouble storyNormal (3600-3800)Premium(4400-4600)
Labor Grey structureSingle storyNormal (450-550)Premium(600-700)
Labor Grey structureDouble StoryNormal (400-500)


  • Single story
  • Normal (2100-2300)
  • Premium (2400-2600)
  • Double story
  • Normal (1900-2100)
  • Premium(2300-2500)
  • Single story
  • Normal (3800-4000)
  • Premium(4600-4800)
  • Double story
  • Normal (3600-3800)
  • Premium(4400-4600)
  • Single story
  • Normal (450-550)
  • Premium(600-700)
  • Double Story
  • Normal (400-500)
  • Premium(550-650)

Grey Structure Items

  1. Plot Leaning and marking as per drawing specification for starting construction
  2. Boring for water (if required)
  3. Digging of plot as per drawing specification
  4. P.C.C. filling & compaction as per drawing specification
  5. Termite proofing underground (with warranty certificate for 10 years )
  6. D.P.C setup with ( maximum of 3 feet below road level)
  7. Seepage treatment on base with compound chemical ( with best Chemical warranty included )
  8. Back Filling of plot (max depth 3 feet or as decided extra charges)
  9. Masonry work till door linter as per drawing (1st class ENT + Building) (House)
  10. Door base of metal (16 gage with compound treatment)
  11. Door linters (inclusive of shades)
  12. R.C.C slab (as per drawing specification including beams) Not cost Effective
  13. Elevation shapeup as per drawing or 3D construction
  14. Plasters inside & outside (excluding all roof for the cost effective we recommend go the false ceiling )
  15. Staircase till plaster (extra charges for metal staircase)
  16. Metal safety grill windows (exclude finishing)
  17. Sewerage piping "C.I" inside baths, kitchen underground etc. (Popular or as decided)
  18. Sanitary piping (PPRC inside water + gas "as per drawing" PPRC)
  19. Electric underground piping "as per drawing" Popular
  20. Termite treatment on ground floor before P.C
  21. Cemented floors with water levelling as per drawing specification
  22. Roof top completion plus heat insulation(plastic, coal tar, tiles, etc)
  23. Boundary wall
  24. Outside P.C.C Passage way and Ramp

Finally, one of the best ways to save money when furnishing your home is to DIY whenever possible. You can do easy furniture projects yourself if you’re handy with tools, from building a coffee table out of pallets to upcycling an old dresser into a bathroom vanity. You can save tons of money and add some personal flair to your home by taking on some tasks yourself.

Building Home Estimate

Rates for Home Construction (all labour, material, and services inclusive)

Grey Structure Home: (Rate: Rs.1950-2400/Sqft.)

Simply Calculate with your house covered area like if your house covered area is 2900/sqft you will have to calculate like 1350 x 2900 = 3,915,000/

Grey structure means all structures with plastering, concrete P.C.C flooring, wholly sanitary and sewerage, water piping, gas piping works except for bathroom fixtures, and only conduit piping for electricity.

House construction with Structure and Complete Finishing (Turnkey)

Luxury House – Category A++ (Rate: Rs.4500-3900/Sqft.)

A house with a grey structure built with the best quality materials and construction standards flooring in imported tiles with max.

A range of Rs.2500-3000/sqm imported tiles in baths with max. a range of Rs.3000/sqm doors in solid ash or deyar woodwork cupboards and kitchens by Euro/Aran/Berloni Grohe fixtures and Imported pots in baths gypsum false ceiling on all roof 100% of the covered area; Media and feature walls and paintwork with ICI/DIAMOND, Berger, Black Horse paints.

Luxury House – Category A+ (Rate: Rs.3800-4400/Sqft.)

A house with a grey structure built with best quality materials and construction standards; flooring in imported tiles with max.

a range of Rs.1800/sqm imported tiles in baths with max. a range of Rs.2200/sqm semi-solid ash wood doors work cupboards and kitchens in UV sheets Grohe fixtures and Porta pots in baths false ceiling in Plaster of Paris on 70% of the covered area and paintwork with ICI/Diamond paint.

Deluxe House – Category A (Rate: Rs.3500-3800/Sqft.)

A house with a grey structure built with best quality materials and construction standards; flooring in imported tiles with max.

a range of Rs.1600/sqm imported tiles in baths with max. a range of Rs.1600/sqm ply flushed doors cupboards and kitchens in local lamination Sonex fixtures and Porta pots in baths false ceiling in Plaster of Paris on 25% of the covered area and paintwork with ICI/Diamond paints.

for the House building there is no exact calculator every drawing is different and cost difference for the calculator you will have to submit your drawings for the BOQ ( bill of quantity )

Note: Above rates were evaluated in May 2023 and are valid for the next three months only.

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